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 Oct 23, 2005 Orange County Register

The phone rings at Al Amir bakery and a sweating Abdallah Soeidan answers. The caller is adding a sixth manousheh- a flat bread with toppings popular in most of the Arab world - to an order of five already cooking in a gas oven at Soeidan's Lebanese shop in a strip mall.
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 Jul 28 2005 Orange County Weekly

Al Amir's primary draw is its extraordinary sphihas, what clueless food critics—me—describe as Lebanese pizza.
In my defense, sphihas appearlike New York-style pies, thanks to their thin, toasty, wonderfully crunchy crust.
And the preparation is identical: cooks roll flat a ball of pita-bread flour in the backroom kitchen, layer it with the ingredients of your choice, and then shove the proto-sphiha into the small brick oven near the cash register. It's ready in about four minutes.
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 Apr 15 2009

A bakery, video store and hair salon in a strip mall were destroyed in a fire Wednesday night, but there were no injuries, authorities said.     
More than 70 firefighters responded to the blaze at 518 S. Brookhurst St. that was reported shortly after 7 p.m. and knocked down in an hour, said Maria Sabol of the Anaheim Fire Department. 
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 Feb 4 2010 Orange County Weekly

Isn’t it time already that Anaheim’s Little Arabia district was officially designated? The area around Brookhurst Street stretching from La Palma to Katella avenues has existed since the 1980s but truly exploded last decade with Islamic fashion stores, halal butchers, hookah shops, restaurants and even bookstores. But the city hasn’t erected a sign yet acknowledging one of the country’s largest concentration of Middle Easterners. And the enclave’s merchants are just beginning: Restaurants are undergoing face-lifts, expanding, or—in the case of Al Amir Bakery—returning from the dead.
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 Mar 4 2010 Orange County Weekly

In the Anaheim's Little Arabia district, a series of Lebanese bakeries are cropping up. While some sell desserts, these bakeries are better known for savories, specifically manakeesh, the flatbread "pizzas" of the Levant.
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 May 4 2010 Foodfrenzy - Orange COunty Register

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again — one of the best benefits of being married to Wifey Nadia is the Arab feasts I get to partake in.
Now, according to Nadia’s grandma, I never take enough food  (she’s always telling me in her squeaky grandma voice to “Eat! Eat!”) but she’d be awfully proud of the massive meal the wife and I recently had at Al Amir Bakery in Anaheim.
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 May 18 2010

Los Angeles bakers produce some brilliant Middle Eastern flatbreads, but Anaheim’s Little Arabia still stands out due to its variety and density, with three deluxe flatbread bakeries occupying a six-block radius. One of the leading artisans is Lebanon native Abdallah Soueidan, who produces some positively royal flatbreads at Al-Amir Bakery. It’s no wonder that he chose the name Al-Amir, which means “prince” in Arabic.
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 May 31 2010

Abdallah Soueidan operated Al-Amir Bakery for eight years in Brookhurst Plaza before “the prince” was destroyed by fire. The new Al-Amir rose from the ashes in January, when Soueidan reopened the bakery down the street (2281 W. Ball Rd., Anaheim, 714.535.0973). The Lebanon native continues to make everything fresh daily. That includes grinding meat in-house and using olive oil, an expensive but effective touch. Al-Amir’s crispy flatbreads are layered with two kinds of house-made beef sausage, including smoky, spicy soujouk; and kafta, which is seasoned with black pepper, parsley and onions. “Cheese” flatbreads actually host three kinds of cheese: two different white cheeses plus a Bulgarian cheese called Ackawi. For added punch, get your cheese flatbread dusted with zaatar.
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